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Alabama John Cherokee Molly Mallone
A long long Time Nordseewellen
Abel Brown the Sailer Oh Shenandoah
All for me Grog Old Mauee
Aloha hea Press Gang
Billy O Shea Paddy Doyles Boots
Blow ye Winds Rio Grande
Bully in the Alley Rolling Home
Cant ye dance the Polka Round the Bay of Mexico
Clear the Track Sally Brown
De Hamborger Veermaster Santy Anno
De Hoffnung South Australia
EDDYSTONE LIGHT The Bonnie Ship the Diamon
Einmal noch nach Bombay The Dreadnaught
Epo i tai tai The drunken Sailor
Essequibo River The Ebenezer
Farewell to Nova Scotia The Erie Canal
Fiddlers Green The golden Vanity
Greenland Whale Fisheries The Leaving of Liverpool
Hieland Laddie The Liverpool Packet
Hight Babaree The Pilots of Tiger Bay
Hiss em up ! The Shores of Botany Bay
Ja son klein büschen Windstärke 10 The Sloop John B.
Jamaika Farewell  The twenty fourth of February
John Kanaka Übers Meer
Käptn Kidd Un denn segelt wi so langsom rund Kap Horn
La Margot When the Ship comes in
La Paloma Whip Jamboree
Leave here Jonny Maggi May
Mingulay Bootsong